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Hey I'm Miranda and I wanna be Shi'ar Emperor.

(formerly randarama and empressregnant)


i want to achieve “she’s adorable and i will protect her at all costs but also i am slightly frightened by her power”

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残念ペダルログ by ショオ

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we took the tiny picture of Junpei off our fridge and put it in a tiny picture frame on our microwave who let us be adults

we were supposed to come in to lab today and check our biochemical tests but no one’s here????? I followed a guy in but there’s no one in our lab what do I do???

ittygittydiddynator replied to your photoset “finished Dragon Age Origins and started Dragon Age II Warden, meet…”

I hope you’re able to design them both in Inquisition, because holy shit.


I’m ngl I wanna try and make my character in Inquisition a Qunari version of her too

finished Dragon Age Origins and started Dragon Age II

Warden, meet Hawke

Hawke, meet Warden

ready 2 kill a guy

or go to comic book club w/e

guess who looks super nice today!!

I’m so close to finishing Dragon Age Origins but the hoards at the end keep stopping me from healing and then I die this is bullshit

We had a sub today for micro and when I told him I wasn’t even the lab but I had to get data for the paper he just laughed and went “why? just make it up”

why can’t the whole micro department be like this guy

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